🚻All Memechain Testnet Missions

All Memechain Testnet Missions

Missions Submission:

  • Act 1 Mission Submissions (CLOSED)

  • Act 2 Mission Submissions (CLOSED)

  • Act 3 Mission Submissions (CLOSED)

  • Act 4 Mission Submissions (CLOSED)

Missions for Memechain Testnet Participants

The following missions outlined are for those that have reigestered for Memechain Testnet.

Validators & Relayers Reward Specifications

Bonus for Validators in Memechain sandbox testnet

The following bonus rewards will be granted to validators actively supporting and contributing to the Memechain sandbox testnet during the incentivized testnet prior launch duration.

Bonus for Memechain sandbox testnet

Act 1

Key Dates:


  1. Perform decentralized network startup using GitHub / Genesis tooling

  2. Remain online and participate through the completion of the testnet as measured by Memechain

  3. Carry out IBC token transfers

Act-1 Missions

Act 2

Key Dates:


  1. Test exchange functionality on Memechain

  2. Test IBC functionality on Memechain

Act 2 Missions

Some clarifying details on this mission:

  • Performance improvements must be tested and verified by the team.

Act 3

Key Dates:


  1. Attempt to break L1/Exchange by any means

  2. Improve the performance of the chain/exchange

  3. Give yourself an unfair economic advantage (Cheat by any means)

Act-3 Missions

Some clarifying details on this mission:

  • Submissions will occur through the mission submission form outlined here.

  • A single submission may only fulfill the requirements of a single task, and should contain both act name and mission name when reported. For example, if for the “high severity bug” mission, the completed mission should be act-2 "high severity bug". Any other format of completed mission may not be identified correctly by the automation script.

  • Performance improvements must be tested and verified by the team.

Act 4

Key Dates:


  • Simulate real-world trading load

  • Stress test network

  • Improve MCSwap UX

  • Grow Memechain ecosystem

  • Launch more protocols on Memechain testnet

Mission Submission:

Memechain Testnet - Act 4 Mission Submission

Act 4 Missions:

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