⚖️DAO Reserve

The MC DAO Reserve is a multisig wallet that, in accordance with MRC-20, serves as a router for MC emissions.

The Reserve is responsible for significant emissions allocation changes, as well as for the routing of extant emissions across current and subsequent chain deployments.

MEMECHAIN DAO Reserve Wallet: MEMECHAIN.BNB 0x730683EccDBc6aFDe80c05d5cEf7E7B99ECBe2F3

Given the immutability of the MC smart contracts, it was not possible for the DAO to simply make adjustments to emissions. MRC-20 was proposed (and subsequently ratified by MC tokenholders) in order to allow for better granularity with emission rates.

The MC DAO Reserve is governed by MC tokenholders and executed by a Council-directed 2-of-3 multisig.

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