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MC’s deep sea exploration crew has discovered some MEME TREASURE while charting the depths of Atlantic-2
The crew still hasn’t figured out how to open the chests, but they want to share their spoils, so they’re giving you a chance to claim your share!
🎁 The MEME Treasure NFT campaign is a two-part mystery box event created by the MC Labs team. Phase 1 is Gifting and Phase 2 is Unboxing.
To Start gifting and receiving your MEME Treasure NFTs, head over to []
This campaign is designed to foster interaction between Memechain community members, so show your fellow Memecians some love with the gift of friendship (and NFTs)
Gifting and claiming Meme Treasure NFTs is completely free! 🎊
Phase 1 of the Meme Treasure NFT campaign will run from 3pm UTC May 16th to 3pm UTC May 19th.
For more information about the campaign, check out our user guide here!
🫡 Happy Gifting!