🌠Overview of Memechain

Memechain is a new blockchain built and designed to create more benefits for MEME holders. This blockchain is an EVM-based decentralized, scalable blockchain that runs using a high-performance Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm. Memechain strives to solve performance, scalability, and usability issues while not compromising decentralization and everaging the existing developer community and ecosystem. Memechain is an EVM-based blockchain solution with which users can conduct transactions with microtransaction fees and provide scalability and superior user experience for dApps and user functions. We are a team that loves the $MC cryptocurrency, so we do not compete with $MC. Instead, we harmonize with the crypto meme by combining with $MC and empowering $MC holders and those who trust and love $MC access to blockchain games, NFTs, and systems in the ever-growing Defi ecosystem, one in which they can showcase their favorite meme coin to a wide range of applications.

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