Cross-chain compatibility

What is cross-chain?

When Blockchain was first built, people envisioned this to be a one-size-fits-all solution. All transactions, smart contracts, and everything else would be built on a single Blockchain. However, so far, such a system is no longer practical because more and more Blockchain platforms are created with different architectures. The limits of scalability and innovation constraints also become more and more vivid. Since then, cross-chain technology was born to solve those problems.

Cross-chain is a solution that brings interoperability between independent blockchains, bringing blockchains closer together. This technology allows users to transfer and exchange assets between blockchains, optimizes the ability to cross over between chains, and significantly increases the value of these same assets because they can be used in many cases, providing more profit opportunities.

Bridge $MC to Memechain

Memechain can be used easily and conveniently on the Memechain network by wrapping $MC over the Memechain bridge and sending it back when needed. Not only $MC, you can also bundle many other coins over the Memechain bridge.

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