Hybrid PoW

Hybrid Proof of Work (PoW) is a consensus mechanism used by MemeChain, which combines the traditional PoW with the concept of masternodes. In this system, masternodes serve as validators of transactions, while miners are responsible for creating new blocks and securing the network.

The hybrid PoW mechanism used by MemeChain ensures a higher level of security and decentralization than traditional PoW, as the network is not solely reliant on mining power. The masternodes, which are selected based on the number of tokens they hold and their reputation within the community, help to prevent 51% attacks and maintain the integrity of the network.

Additionally, the hybrid PoW mechanism allows for greater flexibility in adjusting the difficulty of mining, ensuring that the network remains stable and resistant to malicious attacks. By combining the strengths of both masternodes and miners, MemeChain has created a robust and secure network that is well-suited for meme-based transactions.

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