Memechain and EVM

What is EVM? EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) is an Ethereum virtual machine. It can be understood that EVMs will act as intermediaries in executing smart contracts (smart contracts) on the Ethereum network. Each Ethereum node is equipped with its EVM, which will ensure the security and decentralization of the network.

In the simplest terms, an EVM is a decentralized CPU that represents the current state of Ethereum. There, the current state of the Ethereum virtual machine is a collection of blockchain processes linked and encoded into the main network. The EVM gives a read result of the current state, called a snapshot. This state is constantly evolving, changing with each new smart contract execution. At any time, a snapshot can be taken to see and determine what the standard state of Ethereum is. Accordingly, the Ethereum virtual machine is a virtual CPU for Ethereum to execute and display the speed of smart contracts. As long as an Ethereum node is still active, there will continue to have an EVM.

Powerful EVM Architecture Supports Defi:

EVM-compatible protocols incorporate a robust architecture, which has been proven through previous chains when applying this technology, which is also the technology that makes the dynamic a big push for DeFi product developers. And in addition to existing protocols, we propose our smart contracts and build following the expanded DeFi ecosystem.

Interacting with dApps:

Too many names appear in Crypto with the goal of β€œETH killer.” But since then, ETH has not stopped growing, and most of the β€œETH killers” are living miserably with the market. Memechain does not compete with Ethereum, and we rely on an independent, EVM-compatible blockchain building framework that aims to make Memechain interoperable with all dApps deployed on Ethereum. Therefore, we want to go along with this giant

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