Token Metrics

Token Name: MC, wMC

The MC token is the native token of MemeChain, while wMC is a wrapped version of MC on Multichain. This allows for easy transferability and access across multiple chains.

Token Type: BEP-20,ERC-20 and MRC-20

Total Supply: 100,000,000,000 MC

Token Distribution:

  • Non-profit MEMECHAIN Association: 7%

  • Validators: 10%

  • Developer Incentives: 7%

  • Pinksale Public Offering: 25%

  • Liquidity: 15%

  • MC Labs Holding AG: 10%

  • Advisors: 6%

  • dApp & Project Development: 5%

  • DAOs building apps on MEMECHAIN: 5%

  • BIG CEX listing: 10%

The Non-profit MEMECHAIN Association holds 7% of the tokens and is responsible for overseeing the overall development and growth of the ecosystem. Validators are allocated 10% of the tokens as an incentive to secure and validate transactions on the network.

Developer incentives make up 7% of the tokens and are meant to encourage developers to build on the MemeChain platform. A Pinksale Public Offering is proposed to allocate 25% of the tokens for public investment.

15% of the tokens are allocated for liquidity purposes, which is important for maintaining a healthy trading environment. MC Labs Holding AG holds 10% of the tokens and will contribute to the development and promotion of MemeChain.

Advisors are allocated 6% of the tokens for their guidance and expertise. 5% of the tokens are allocated for dApp and project development, while another 5% is allocated for DAOs building apps on MEMECHAIN. Finally, 10% of the tokens are reserved for a BIG CEX listing, which will enhance the visibility and accessibility of MemeChain to a wider audience.

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