Synchronization & Consensus:

Separation of Synchronization and Consensus protocols that allow modularization and customizable synchronization implementations and consensus mechanisms (depending on how the client works). Memechain also provides pre-installable consensus algorithms.

  • Blockchain: The blockchain layer serves as the core layer to manage the tasks inside the system.

  • State: The state layer provides logic for transitioning between states. It deals with how the state changes when a new block is added.

  • JSON RPC: dApp developers use this as an API layer to interact with the blockchain.

  • TxPool: The TxPool class is a group of transactions and is tightly coupled with other modules in the system (since transactions can be added from multiple entry points).

  • GRPC: The GRPC layer is important for enabling interaction with the operator. This layer ensures node operators can interact with customers easily, providing an efficient experience.

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