MCFi Ecosystem

While $MC continues to excel at developing Defi products around their massive community, they have yet to launch a network of their own. As a group that loves $MC crypto, we strive to create Memechain to complement the original $MC cryptocurrency; Memechain provides users with a diverse Defi ecosystem that everyone can recommend and share their favorite memes to a variety of apps.

  • Launchpad: As a solid launchpad for meme coins to reach the market, raise funds and create liquidity for coins with $MC, so far, the Meme is a viral trend in the market but has little support. From the launchers, Memechain is attached to the $MC meme coin with the motto of linking $MC closer to the meme coins, making $MC the king of the Meme.

  • DEX: Join Memechain decentralized exchanges with $MC, increase demand for $MC and own $MC

  • Bridge: a bridge to exchange assets between other chains and MemeChain.

  • Playground: Web-based smart contract IDE for developers, inspired by the Ethereum Remix IDE.

  • Lending: Access advanced financial tools such as staking, lending, borrowing, and liquidity mining with $MC.

  • Gamefi & Metaverse: Join the upcoming metaverse revolution through Memechain-enabled NFTs.

  • MemeChain Safe: Secure Gnosis-inspired multi-signature wallet.

  • Participate in DAOs and fund the entire community with $MC

  • And much more…

In a nutshell, Memechain promises to turn the single-use $MC cryptocurrency into a powerful Defi machine. With any luck, $MC should be able to easily compete with many of the top smart contract platforms in the current blockchain environment.

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